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With Facebook already having over 750 million active users, 50% of which login on any given day, it’s so important for your business to have its own Facebook Page to communicate with your existing and potentially new customers, a chance to keep them up to date with your business news, products and special offers.

Of course that now means you have a ecloudmedia website store and a Facebook page to manage and update on a regular basis!

We’ll the good news is there is now a new module available that connects your ecloudmedia store with your Facebook Page which will display ALL of your products on your own Facebook page. Think of it as a Facebook Shop!

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You now have TWO platforms to show case your products and with minimum effort

Facebook "eCommerce Catalog Browser" App allows you to quickly start advertising your existing shop via your Facebook page. It is designed so that after initial installation, the system will automatically keep up-to date with your product catalogue without the need to maintain a separate product list.

The App is easily configured to display special offers, featured and new products collected directly from your live shop.

What's more it will REPORT on visitor activities (Page views, Visitors, products Clicked, Shared Products etc)

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