Looking for sales training in UK? We offer our bespoke sales training and management training . ecloudmedia will support your business in identifying training needs. We evaluate your business performance before tailoring the right sales training solution to match your company objectives. We can offer a range of outbound, inbound telephone techniques, customer service & sales and management training, if your needs are more specific, our bespoke sales training option can design a solution that will match the requirements of your business and industry. Our sales training courses can be run anywhere, we can offer your sales people the tools they need to succeed, no matter what their current skill level. From communication and negotiation through to management and leadership, we take a methodical approach to getting your sales team to where they need to go. Our training methods are designed to improve help you and your sales teams generate more appointments, improve sales conversions, win pitches, negotiate more effectively and overall give you the chance to win more new business and improve on account management, also provide you strategies for win back of old clients we also offer internet and social media training to small business organisations, this will help business understand the importance of social media platforms and who it can win you more customers.

As a Career Coach I believe that everybody has the ability and resources to live fulfilling and contented lives. I can help you unlock your sales staff potential and feel confident about taking your staff taking the next step . I’ll create a safe environment that will help you explore what might be going on under the surface so that you can be really clear about what needs to happen next. My practical approach means that when we work together you will walk away with a meaningful action plan to kick-start your goals and ambitions.

Areas in which I have successfully helped and supported other clients include:

Leadership and management - from new managers to Heads of Department

Career Planning - handling redundancy; a complete change or just want to enjoy your job more

Increased Self-confidence - You at your best!

Time management - feeling that you’re not able to give yourself and others the time they deserve

Managing Self – stress, energy levels, motivation etc

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My approach is described as warm, enlightening, challenging, down to earth and honest. I’ll fully support you, listen to you and ask some of those no-nonsense questions that will ultimately lead you to you solving the issues problems and providing the solutions.